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that person you saw crying today? that’s me not going to comic con

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warden: no one else could have been the hero of ferelden

hawke: no one else wanted to be the champion of kirkwall

inquisitior: you guys fucked up thedas and now my hand is all glowy what the fuck guys

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You don’t just wear the flower, you become the flower.


You don’t just wear the flower, you become the flower.

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*Mass Effect Trilogy
*Dragon Age
*DA:I fan creations (fan art, fanfic)
*Supernatural (minimum)
*Sherlock (minimum)
*Bioware romances
*Bioware characters

I will follow everyone back, this is my new blog and I need some blogs to follow c:

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97% sure I will burst into tears when I open up Inquisition and see the title screen for the first time. 

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there is something so incomprehensibly flattering about getting asks about your OCs. Like— someone, somewhere, somehow was so interested in this person you made up that they took a whole minute out of their day to inquire about some random, mundane aspect of their life and that’s beautiful to me

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Fashion Wonderland: Zuhair Murad f/w 2012-2013

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Me playing Mass Effect: Yes, you are my love interest and you are going on every single fucking dangerous life threatening mission with me god dammit.